A democratic way to make art/Ενας δημοκρατικός τρόπος να κάνεις τέχνη


Picture 2

Art historian Marietta de Bruine wrote the introduction for the Myths 2015 website and you can read it online: http://www.myths2015.de

I met Marietta during one of my Stitchathon sessions in Amsterdam in 2011; we became friends.

She invited me to perform a Stitchathon along with her students at the University of Amsterdam in 2012.

I asked Marietta to wrap up what Myths 2015 – Munich Jewelelry Week was about because she knew various aspects of my work and more importanlty she knew how I think and feel.

Marietta wrote the text you read at the intro of the website in early January in Amsterdam; she also added a “follow-up” that I am adding now the show is over.

Knowing me Marietta imagined our show to be more participative than it was.

My aim in the next shows I will curate in the coming months is to continue presenting jewellery in…

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